Where, how, why

What is the confirmation :
The confirmation is a morphological examination of your dog. Being born with a birth certificate, it must normally fulfil the characteristics of the breed. A judge will review it therefore fully (bodies, size, State of the hair, tooth position, limbs, tail and approach). He will judge its overall look and feel. If your dog responds to the different criteria of the 'standard' of the race, he will sign the confirmation and only from that moment, your dog will have a final pedigree and may have offspring with "papers".
Without this examination, your dog can never be considered as LOF. It may not reproduce puppies with birth certificate

Or confirm his dog:
At a meeting of confirmation : confirmation sessions are appointment only devoted to it. It happens most often in veterinary schools (ENV de Nantes, Maison Alfort Paris, etc.)
When the dog shows : usually organized the beauty watches (so often Saturday), they may also be held the morning of the exhibition, from 8 h to 9 h 30.
To find out where the confirmation sessions, you can visit (referencing all exhibitions canine and precise sometimes confirmation sessions) for the confirmation in expo or so call directly the home of the veterinary schools which will transmit you the dates.
In JAT (days Amicalestibetaines): These are days gathering 4 Tibetan breeds (Spaniels, Lhasa apso, Tibetan terrier and Shih-tzu). The atmosphere is good and you can confirm or change the TAN to your tibbies. A time preferred to exchange tips and ideas between lovers of our race. information on the website of the CCTF (

The preparation to the day J! :
The papers do not forget: tattoo card, birth certificate (genealogy of the dog), and his health record. On-site, a form will be provided to you. You fill it with the indications of the birth certificate.
The preparation of the dog: why not a small shampoo if he needs! Avoid the harness which breaks a little line of your dog, prefer a necklace. Of course, your dog will be considered every angle then it must be accustomed to be touching.
Above all, get used it every day to look at his teeth (a dog showing aggression and not wanting to show its teeth will be quickly adjourned see unfit for confirmation!) A work must be. For males, make sure it say anything on palpation of the testes (always verified for confirmation). Finally, it should be q
u' he knows how to walk on a leash.
How does the confirmation:
When you arrive on the site, navigate to the home (not always obvious to find in exhibition but do not hesitate to ask) in order to provide you with the application form of confirmation (also printable from the CSC website) and that someone provides information on the judge and the place where it is located. Fill your form with your birth certificate. When you find the judge and the location, introduce you to him with all your papers and your dog.
From to time, it is the judge who will tell you what to do. First, it examines the dog and then it asks you a small round trip to see his approach. There is nothing difficult.
When the judge indicates that the dog is capable, it is won! Congratulations.

After the confirmation:
You here with all your papers in hand, do not lose anything!
First, the photocopy of your birth certificate (only the genealogy) as well as the confirmation request form.  If the originals get lost by mail, you will always have a trace!
Then send in an envelope the originals (certificate and form) and a cheque for the amount requested on the form (€23) at the indicated address (CSC - 155 avenue Jean-Jaurès - 93535 AUBERVILLIERS cedex).
You will receive your final pedigree in a period of 3 or 4 months (sometimes more).
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